Aerotenna™ μLanding™ Microwave Radar Altimeter

μLanding – Compact Altimeter

The μLanding is a compact microwave altimeter based on Aerotenna’s miniaturized radar technology. μLanding is especially engineered for low profile and low power consumption in UAV applications. It is easy to integrate with flight controllers for autonomous takeoffs and landings.


  • High precision and wide sensing range
  • Miniaturized, compact, lightweight, and low power consumption design
  • Consistent performance in all-weather conditions
  • Easy integration with any airframe
  • Reliable assistant for autonomous takeoff and landing



micro Sharp by Aerotenna

μSharp – 360° Sense-and-Avoid Radar

The μSharp is a lightweight radar small enough to be integrated into a UAV. This system incorporates adaptive sensing technology that optimizes its response, regardless of flight status. It detects obstacles and corrects flight course in time to prevent collisions. The μSharp scans 360 degrees without blind spots, locating targets on the horizon for reliable and quick reactions. With its unique, integrated, and stylish design, the μSharp is a modern collision-avoidance radar system for any UAV.



  • Advanced collision-avoidance radar for UAVs
  • Miniaturized, compact, and lightweight design with low-power-consumption
  • 360-degree electronic scan without blind spots
  • Adaptive sensing range adjustment with flying speed
  • Advanced target detection and recognition algorithms


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micro Pilot by Aerotenna

μPilot – Active-Sensing Autopilot

The μPilot is our “Active Sensing Autopilot” platform integrated with Aerotenna’s μSharp Sensor. A system-on-chip processor, composed of an FPGA and a dual-core ARM processor, conducts radar signal and autonomous flight control processing. The μPilot active sensing autopilot platform can equip both multi-rotatory and fixed-wing airframes. Its flexible I/O-interface is compatible with any Aerotenna or third-party sensor.



  • System-on-chip design with radar processor and flight controller
  • Miniaturized, compact, lightweight design with low power consumption
  • Autonomous collision-avoidance algorithm
  • Flexible configuration on either multi-rotatory or fix-wing airframes
  • Extra sensor integration and data fusion capability
  • MATLAB/Simulink interface for advanced algorithms implementation


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micro Sensing by Aerotenna

μSensing – UAV-borne microwave imager

The μSensing is our customizable synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The miniaturized antennas, RF sections, and digital systems of μSensing products can perform surface mapping or subsurface surveying tasks in all-weather conditions. Each customized μSensing system is equipped with Aerotenna’s real-time SAR processor to generate on-flight images before post-processing.


  • X – Ka band flexible frequency and bandwidth configuration
  • Miniaturized, compact, lightweight, and low-power consumption design
  • On-flight real-time synthetic aperture imaging processor
  • Easy integration and installation on UAVs
  • High precision GPS-tagged data logging


Interested in being our beta customer or strategic partner?

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