OcPoC™ with Xilinx Zynq® SoC Flight Controller


The Octagonal Pilot on Chip system – known as the OcPoC – is the flight control platform engineered to bring you greatly enhanced I/O capabilities and processing power that is unparalleled by any other platform of its class. Including the traditional sensor options for common peripherals, OcPoC also expands its input and output capabilities to include fully programmable PWM, PPM and GPIO pins to integrate with a vast number of different sensor additions. It also includes many other standardized connectors for peripherals like GPS, CSI camera link and SD card.

OcPoC-Zynq is powered by the Zynq processor, which combines the flexibility of FPGA architecture with the processing power of ARM, all in one System-on-Chip (SoC). Along with the I/O expansion, OcPoC provides increased processing power capable of achieving real-time sensor fusion and on-board data processing. This advanced system caters to both the UAV enthusiast that wants a ready-to-fly package, and also to programmers and developers wanting a platform to power their ideas.


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OcPoC-Zynq includes:

• 24 programmable tri-pin PWM I/Os
• 12 programmable tri-pin versatile I/Os
• 8 programmable analog inputs
• On-board GPS receiver, IMU, and barometer
• SD card slot for Linux booting and data logging
• USB-OTG and USB-UART support
• Ethernet connection
• 2 serial communication ports
• SPI and I2C interfaces
• CSI for camera

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 265 x 185 x 55 mm