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High performance radar sensors are the key building blocks for collision avoidance.

For UAVs and autonomous drones, sensing and processing must be onboard, real-time and in the smallest form factor possible.


Aerotenna creates compact high performance radar based sensing and intelligence for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous drones.

We are dedicated to improving the safety, reliability, and stability of UAVs from take-off to landing.

At Aerotenna, we believe that merging the best in microwave and aerospace engineering technology will be the next great leap in the drone industry.

Aerotenna seeks to solve the challenges faced by UAV developers and end users: safety, reliability and stability. We want to prevent UAVs from colliding with noncooperative objects or other UAVs, and we want those UAVs to fly in the reliable, stable manner required by increasingly demanding applications.

Aircrafts equipped with Aerotenna’s active sensing autopilot can scan their surroundings during flight and avoid potential collisions autonomously, while ensuring a smooth trajectory and the optimization of its current mission task. All regardless of weather conditions.

Aerotenna is focused on improving the exciting new field of UAV-borne remote sensing. By combining microwave-based sensing technologies with a high level of expertise in aerospace and control engineering, we can solve many challenges and find new applications for UAV platforms.


Advanced microwave technology within miniature sensors operating based on radar principles.



Superior remote sensing with analysis of target reflection patterns to retrieve more valuable information.



Powering smart drones with more sensing and processing capabilities to achieve safe and reliable flight.


micro-Sharp by Aerotenna

360° Sensing Radar

  • Miniaturized Design
  • 360° Real-time Scanning
  • Adaptive Sensing







Compact Altimeter

  • Highly Precise
  • All-weather Capable
  • Auto Landing Assistance







micro-Sensing by Aerotenna

AS Autopilot

  • Active Sensing Flight
  • System-on-Chip Design
  • Smart and Effective







micro-Pilot by Aerotenna

UAV-borne Mini-SAR

  • Synthetic Aperture
  • Flexible Bandwidth
  • Real-time Imaging