Aerotenna is an innovator in radar sensing and processing solutions for UAVs. We design, develop, manufacture and sales of game-changing compact radar sensors and advanced flight control systems. Our technology is revolutionizing UAVs in our lives. Most of our team are scientists with PhD degree or highly specialized engineers. At Aerotenna, we combine excellence in radar electronics and aerospace engineering from the ground up.


Our mission is to become the leading provider of sensing and processing solutions for UAVs through the design and development of game-changing miniaturized microwave sensors and next generation flight control systems. We are reinventing every aspect of the microwave sensing system and aim to lead the market as the go-to provider of microwave sensing, remote sensing and collision avoidance solutions. We strive to foster an ecosystem with partners, developers and users to expand the practical applications of UAVs.

Our vision is to define the future of the UAV/drone industry by contributing valuable new technology and ideas to the flying industry. We believe the merging of microwave technology and aerospace engineering will introduce a new chapter in UAV technology and provide endless new possibilities to UAV end users, increasing the capabilities, safety, and stability of drones as they increase in popularity.

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Aerotenna is headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas, at the University of Kansas’ Bioscience and Technology Business Center.

Bioscience and Technology Business Center at Kansas University
Bioscience and Technology Business Center at Kansas University