The OcPoC Launch Program marks the beta release of the OcPoC platform. This limited release is intended for Aerotenna to connect OcPoC to the initial users, and refine the OcPoC exactly to the user’s needs.

The program is now open to receive applications from individuals who are interested in beta testing the OcPoC flight control platform. Applications will be received from January 1 to January 30. The reason for the program is to widely test the OcPoC board to refine and perfect it for the official release early this year.

Those who apply first will be leased a free OcPoC (beta version) on which to test new airframes, sensors and functions. During the leasing period the candidate is encouraged to develop with, test, document issues with, and suggest revisions for the OcPoC. At the end of the lease agreement the individual may either purchase the board at the discounted rate or return it to Aerotenna. The official release of the OcPoC platform will be in Q1 of 2016. At the time of release, priority of shipment will go to those accepted into the OcPoC Launch program.

OcPoC is coming