In January, Aerotenna made a limited release of μLanding, its compact microwave radar altimeter, to its strategic business partners.

Further testing and improvement have taken place, and now today μLanding-Lite version is available to the public as the most affordable and compact microwave altimeter sensor for UAVs and drones.

µLanding is a radar altimeter that provides altitude AGL information with accuracy up to 4.5 cm in real time and in all weather conditions. µLanding is useful for autonomous take-off, landing, for both personal and commercial UAV aircraft. It is also the best solution on the market for terrain following in agriculture, land surveying, commercial monitoring and other applications that require maintaining a target altitude.

Engineered with the end user in mind, µLanding is easily integrated with any airframe. It can also be seamlessly interfaced with Aerotenna’s OcPoC flight controller to be used as an additional sensor to other flight controllers.

Video demo of µLanding’s performance could be found from the following: