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Aerotenna releases Micro-Landing Altimeter

Aerotenna has successfully tested their new µLanding compact altimeter aboard a commercial drone. Using well-tested and engineered firmware and processing algorithms, the team has achieved stable performance at in retrieving the accurate altitude information with...

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Aerotenna Starts OcPoC Launch Program

The OcPoC Launch Program marks the beta release of the OcPoC platform. This limited release is intended for Aerotenna to connect OcPoC to the initial users, and refine the OcPoC exactly to the user’s needs. The program is now open to receive applications from...

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Aerotenna Intro Video is Online

Want to learn more about Aerotenna and our technology? We have put together a short animation that shows what we do at Aerotenna and what solutions we have in store for you, not only to improve your flying experience with UAVs but also to provide additional features....

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First successful flight powered by Zynq processor

The Aerotenna team is proud to announce the first ever successful UAV flight powered by ArduPilot on the Xilinx SoC Zynq processor. Aerotenna's Zynq-based board runs the ArduPilot flight control software on a Linux operating system. This impressive feat marks a...

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Aerotenna joins the Dronecode Project

Aerotenna, a microwave sensor and electronic system provider for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has officially joined The Dronecode Project as a silver member. Dronecode is a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 as a part of the Linux Foundation. The project...

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Aerotenna kicks off OcPoC project

The Aerotenna team has successfully ported Ardupilot to a powerful and versatile SoC (System on Chip)-based processing platform. Ardupilot is the largest open-source UAV project. To maximize the impact of this unprecedented development, Aerotenna announces the...

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