Aerotenna is proud to announce its OcPoC™ with Xilinx Zynq® Mini flight controller now fully supports the PX4 autopilot.

Being one of the smartest, most powerful and versatile flight controllers on the market, OcPoC has driven many revolutionary drone applications, agriculture dust spray, long haul transportation, and more. The support for both AMP and PX4 autopilot stack will make OcPoC accessible to a wider range of developers and applications than ever before.

A demo video of flying with OcPoC running PX4:


Why is OcPoC right for your UAVs?:

● FPGA and dual-core ARM processors in OcPoC allow for real-time signal processing and for executing complicated algorithms, enabling exciting new possibilities for artificial intelligence, deep learning, and a truly autonomous and intelligent UAV

● With more than 30 programmable I/Os supporting most standard interfaces, OcPoC is
incredibly flexible, allowing free reign for your creativity

● OcPoC features industrial-grade redundancy, ensuring you can always count on your key
systems such as GPS, IMU, and more

● Flawless integration with Aerotenna microwave radar sensors, including uLanding radar altimeter and uSharp collision-avoidance sensor.

If you’re interested in leveraging OcPoC for your applications, you can buy now at, or contact us at for more information.

Support for OcPoC is now officially in the mainline PX4 flight stack, while ongoing development is available in Aerotenna’s github (, and a setup tutorial is available in the Aerotenna User Hub (

A demo video of OcPoC with triple GPS redundancy: