Smart Drone Development Platform


Simply the smartest and most capable ready to fly kit on the market today! 

Created especially for serious developers who are pushing the limits of today’s applications of drones, Aerotenna RTF Kit is the first drone kit equipped with microwave collision-avoidance radars, radar altimeter and FPGA-based flight controller. 

Aerotenna’s Smart Drone Development Platform is also the easiest – no assembly or special setup required. No more spending hours on end trying to follow confusing lists of instructions or working to assemble and setup disparate components from different vendors, costing you valuable development time – simply open the box and go!

Price includes 8 hours of remote engineering support.

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Why is Aerotenna’s Smart Drone Developer Platform right for you?

It’s the Smartest:

  • Three direction obstacle detection and avoidance using microwave radar
  • Altitude hold with radar altimeter that works at all weather conditions and all terrain surfaces

It’s the Most Capable:

  • With I/O expansion supporting up to more than 100 sensing inputs and outputs, your imagination is the limit for application development
  • OcPoC-Zynq is powered by the Xilinx Zynq® processor, which combines the flexibility of FPGA architecture with the processing power of ARM, all in one SoC.
  • OcPoC provides increased processing power capable of achieving real-time sensor fusion and onboard data processing
  • Industrial-grade redundancy and safety

Simply the smartest and most capable ready to fly kit on the market today!

Additional information

Weight 1900 g
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 220 mm
Aertenna OcPoC

Ultra compact, powerful, fully programmable SoC flight controller
Xilinx Zynq Processor:
· 667MHz Dual-Core ARM A9
· Artix®-7 FPGA with 28K Logic Cells
· RAM: 512MB DDR3
· Flash: 128Mb
· SD Card: 16GB

Sensors and GPS:
· Navigation: U-blox M8N Glonass/GPS/Beidou
· IMU : 2* MPU9250 9DOF
· Barometer: MS5611
· Analog monitoring: 8-channel with built-in PGAs
· Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection

· 8 programmable tri-pin PWM I/Os
· 8 programmable tri-pin GPIO I/Os
· 10 programmable I/O supporting: I2C, USB-OTG, USB-UART, SPI, CSI (for camera), and GSI interfaces
· Micro-SD card slot for Linux booting and data logging

· Three Power Options: USB, Servo Rail, Power Jacket
· Voltage range: 4.5V – 5.5V
· Power consumption: 3W (typical)

Weight and dimensions:
· Weight: 70g without enclosure (2.46oz)

Aerotenna μLanding™ Lite Microwave Radar Altimeter

Sensor Performance:
· Radio frequency: 24.00 – 24.25 GHz
· Maximum Range: 45m+
· Minimum Range: 0.35m
· Resolution: 5cm
· Transmission output power: Total: ~22.5 dBm; 4.5 dBm transmitter power, 18 dB antenna gain
· Update rate: 800 Hz (max.)
· Horizontal & Vertical Field of View (-3 dB): 30 degree x 20 degree

· 68mm x 78mm x 15mm
· Weight: 30g without housing, 60g with housing

· Supported Interface: CAN, RS232
· Supported Connector: 4 Pin GPIO/JST

Power and General:
· Power Consumption: 1.25 W (at 5 V, 250 mA)
· Power Input: 5V DC supply, 250 mA
· Operational Temperature Range: -13 °F to +185 °F

Weight and dimensions:
· 68mm x 78mm x 15mm
· Weight: 30g without housing, 60g with housing

Aerotenna μSharp-Patch™:

· Three μSharp-Patches scan the front, left, and right side of the vehicle, detecting and locating obstacles on the horizon quickly and reliably.
· Maximum Range: 120m
· Resolution: 22 cm
· Update Rate: 90 Hz
· Power Consumption: 1.25 W (at 5V, 250mA)
· Operating Temperature Range: -13 °F to +185 °F
· Operational in All-weather Conditions

Pre-assembled BriSky B-100 Quadcopter:

· Carbon Fiber Airframe
· GPS and Compass
· Flight Time Up to 50 Minutes (16000mAh battery, no payload)
· Weight (airframe, pre-assembled flight controller and sensors): 1.9 kg
· Max Takeoff Weight With Battery: 4.0 kg
· Dimension: 300mm x 300mm x 220mm; diagonal motor wheel base
· Fold-able arms for ease of transport
· Modular component design for simple maintenance and repair

Remote Controller

· RadioLink AT9 Transmitter (2.4 GHz)
· RadioLink R9DS SBUS Receiver
· 9 Channels Available
· USB Online Update
· Vibration Alarm (e.g. low battery alert)
· 3 ms Response Time

Battery not included*

Recommended Battery: Li-Po 6S 22.2V 4500-20000mAh, with XT-60 connector.