aerotenna drones and agriculture

Are you ready for the future of precision agriculture drones?

UAVenture ( Switzerland ) and Aerotenna (U.S.A) are teaming up and are proud to offer the Precision Spray Autopilot – a complete autopilot system targeted at agricultural spraying.
It enables agriculture drone manufacturers and spray service providers to fly semi-autonomous missions with easily controlled spray and automatic lane switching; or fly fully autonomous spraying missions with the touch of a finger – saving time, water, and manpower. It is as simple as plug-and-play to integrate the Precision Spray Autopilot into your existing multirotor spraying drones.


With this ready-made, plug-and-play autopilot system, you get:

  • Aerotenna’s OcPoC flight controller powered by UAVenture’s AirRails Crop Sprayer firmware
  • Aerotenna’s µLanding altimeter
  • AirRails Ground Control Station Crop Spraying edition for Android
Aerotenna Agriculture and Crop help with drones



Spray rate control

Auto-interrupt and auto-resume for tank refills

Accurate terrain following up to 5 m/s

Support for 4, 6 and 8 motor multirotors in various configurations

Save time and money with precision control over your agricultural spray operations.

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